Re: sendmail's virtusertable and fetchmail

Glynn Clements (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 16:06:15 +0000 (GMT)

Carlos Barros wrote:

> Now Im trying to setup fetchmail in box-b that get
> the mail from the account domain-org and send it to port 25 of box-b.
> To test it I send 2 mails, one for and
> Those mails were in the domain-org account.
> Then I run as root fetchmail to get the domain-org account in the
> box-b.
> box-b:~# fetchmail -u domain-org box-a
> The thing that happend was that all mail went to /var/spool/mail/root.
> sendmail in box-b is configured to accept and deliver as
> local
> What may be wrong?

Before attempting to use fetchmail for an entire domain's mail, read
the section entitled `Use and abuse of multidrop mailboxes' in the
fetchmail manpage.

Glynn Clements <>
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