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Glynn Clements (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 14:43:44 +0200 (GMT--1:00)

Aranguren Aznarez Abraham wrote:

> I'd like to know how to make a Linux boot floopie formatted to 1.7 MB, i
> know it's possible, i've heard the key to achieve that is to format with
> "common ext2 format" the place where the kernel will be placed and the
> rest on 1.7 MB format.

To format disks to densities other than 1.44Mb, just specify the
appropriate /dev/fd* device to fdformat, e.g.

fdformat /dev/fd0u1760

I don't know whether or not BIOSes can generally boot from such disks,

Glynn Clements <>

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