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michael jones (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 15:29:39 -0400 wrote:

> LENGARD Pascal OCISI dixit:
> ~> the PATH should be set in /etc/bashrc for system wide definition and in
> ~> ~/.bashrc for single user definition.
> Actually, /etc/profile is for system wide definition, while ~/.bash_profile is
> for the login shell, and ~/.bashrc is for an interactive shell. There's no
> /etc/bashrc on my system (Debian 2.0).

yeah Debian must be different,
in Red Hat there is a /etc/bashrc. it is for system wide, the ~/.bashrc is for
user define. i use the /etc/bashrc for alias definitions and the /etc/profile
for the PATH. i don't know why, someone told me to do it that way in
Red Hat and it works. if i am wrong i would like to know.

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> Horacio
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