Fetchmail Problem

Sat, 17 Apr 1999 16:13:58 +0530 (IST)

Hi Friends,

I conect to the internet using a dial-up line with my ISP.

I have an account at hypermart, so when a mail is sent to
anything@kunal.hypermart.net, it is forwarded to my POP3 box.

I use fetchmail to collect and filter these mails.

Now, when I receive a message from a mailing list, like this one,
it doesn't place it in kunal@kunal.hypermart.net, but goes to the
postmaster instead.

Is there a way, such that these mails are delivered to me ?

Fetchmail configuration file (.fetchmailrc)


set daemon=0
poll domain.com with proto POP3
no dns, aka kunal.hypermart.net
user "username" there with password "password" is * here


Thanks in advance,

Kay Pee

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