unpacking of archive failed

Johann Schneidhofer (lws.workshop@t-online.de)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 03:14:02 +0200

hi list,
does anybody know, what's the reason for this error :

unpacking of archive failed on file
/usr/doc/lesstif-clients-0.85.3/UIL.txt: -2147483644: no authorization

what's the situation :
on one of our linux-boxes I have transferred all the doc-files, so this
computer is also my "doc-file-server" - okay. Now, if I will install a
package on one of the computers within the network, this error appears.
In all the attached computers in the same network I have mounted the
doc-dir as rw and the server has an export-entry as rw also.
looking with lsattr doc the only result I see, is -------, so I think,
should be okay, or am I wrong here ?

What I have to do, to resolve that problem ? Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance

-Hans Schneidhofer-
WebAdmin Business-CON'ZEPT
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