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Sat, 17 Apr 1999 21:37:02 -0600

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> As of Monday, April 17 my area's DSL connection goes live.
> Has anyone used
> DSL connections under Linux? Any problems I should expect?

In our area (Colorado Springs) USWest has us setup the DSL as a bridge, not
a router and I get my IP address from my ISP's DHCP server. Basically, I use
IPX/SPX for the LAN and TCP/IP and the dynamic IP from the DHCP for
everything else.

Also, I have a non-standard config in that I have my DSL router/bridge going
into my hub and my other three machines in the hub as well.

As far as "normal" config of computer with eth going to the DSL directly, I
can't comment as I never set it up in that manner.

John Evans
Admin, Kilnar Networking Services, Inc.

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