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Mon, 19 Apr 1999 09:10:38 +0200

OK, my apologies, i answered without enough thinking:
the PATH should be set in profile or .profile or .bash_profile because it
will be initialized only once (login) and will be kept through all jobs
as it is exported (export PATH).
if it is defined in bashrc or .bashrc, and it is just appending things
(PATH=$PATH:/my/new/dir) then this new directory wil be appended to the
PATH variable several times (each time a bash is launched it will get the
PATH from its father and append the new dir to it).

so bashrc should be used to put aliases
PATH should be defined once in profile during login process.


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> LENGARD Pascal OCISI dixit:
> ~> the PATH should be set in /etc/bashrc for system wide definition and
> ~> ~/.bashrc for single user definition.
> Actually, /etc/profile is for system wide definition, while
> for the login shell, and ~/.bashrc is for an interactive shell.
There's no
> /etc/bashrc on my system (Debian 2.0).

yeah Debian must be different,
in Red Hat there is a /etc/bashrc. it is for system wide, the ~/.bashrc
is for
user define. i use the /etc/bashrc for alias definitions and the
for the PATH. i don't know why, someone told me to do it that way in
Red Hat and it works. if i am wrong i would like to know.

> Regards
> Horacio
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