RE: mounting win95/nt drives
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 10:19:38 +0200

Hi Michael,

type 'man smbmount' for the manpage on mounting W95 shared drives over the
It should be something like 'smbmount //win95machine/cdrive
/mnt/win95machine/cdrive/ -n -c linuxmachine -I win.95.ip.addr'
This is presuming you want to mount it over the network, and it isnt a win95
share on the same dual-booted win95/linux system.
Of course, the //win95machine/cdrive should be substituted by the
appropriate netbios name of the win95 machine, and the
/mnt/win95machine/cdrive directory should exist. The -n will mount the share
without supplying a password, omit it if you have a password set for the
share. The the -c linuxmachine specifies the netbios name to use for the
linux-box, since this name can only be a certain amount of characters long
('bout 10 I guess); normally it tries to use linuxmachine.domain.whatever
you setup for the linux box. The -I win.95.ip.addr indicates the IP address
of the win95 box, so it doesnt have to look it up in /etc/lmhosts,
/etc/hosts, DNS or WINS (in that order). Of course, you can also add the
win95 box name with its IP to the /etc/lmhosts file.

Vriendelijke Groeten / Kind Regards,

Alexander van Luijpen

Philips Semiconductors Nederland
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MOS4YOU - C075 OTP / Consumer Systems Nijmegen - BL Video

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> Subject: mounting win95/nt drives
> I have a need to mount a win95 partition ....
> i've got it shared on the 95 machine as "cdrive"
> on the linux box i can't get it to mount...
> has anyone go this to work? if so could
> you give me some pointers in what to do?
> thanks!
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