SoloCDM (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 21:14:59 -0600

I know _this_ may not be for this mailing list, but it does concern
the type of applications related to X and those of you that had
experience with applications of this type.

Are there X engineering/scientific/algebraic/hexadecimal/programming
calculators out there that allow programs to be keyed into the
calculator software, that produce graphical displays, allow scrolling
back to former entries and recalculating, have nice graphical
interfaces, multiple options to the graphical buttons, but at the same
time allow basic calculations and decimal rounding to any digit? None
of this has anything to do with spreadsheets, but I can except wide
view displays allowing equations to be entered into the display with
sophisticated mathematical symbols and graphical output produced from
those equations if necessary, but definitely graphical output is a

The programs exist, but I'm not familiar with Linux's programs to
pick, choose, and find such an application.


Daniel D. Munden

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