Stephen Lavelle (auswetbl@mail.austasia.net)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 14:49:17 +1000

I hope someone on this list can help:
I have set up a file/print server for our network using RH 5.2. The other
boxes on the network are Win 9x.
IP Masq, PPP and Samba are all working fine.
As we only have one e-mail at our ISP = auswetbl@mail.austasia.net
I wish to have the linux box collect the mail from ISP (with fetchmail?) put
it in different users mailboxes on the Server, then the Win boxes can
collect it (using MS Outlook) to their local box over TCP/IP.
I need some suggestions as to Mail MTA's and set-up in general. Bear in mind
that the local boxes addresses will be in the form <my
boss>auswetbl@mail.austasia.net, <someone's>auswetbl@mail.austasia.net,
<payroll>auswetbl@mail.austasia.net etc,etc
Any help or suggestions gratefully received. Using kernel 2.0.36 (Apollo)
Stephen Lavelle
Austanners Wet Blue Pty Ltd.
~ Australian Tanned Wet Blue Leather ~
110 Heales Road,
Lara, Geelong, Australia
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