General user list over network
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 09:20:38 +0200

Hi people,

At home I am running a small network which is becoming a bit bigger.
Although my initial intend was one or two linux machine with several win95
clients, I am now seeing more linux machines on the network. I have
dedicated my one machine as a mail/file/etc server. I want to be able to
allow other linux machine to be able to use the same user and password lists
as my machine, and mount home drives over NFS. I guess I will need something
like YPBIND , but I am - as of yet - not familiar with setting this up on
the server or on the clients. I want the owners of the other machines to
still be able to access the root account on their own machines without them
knowing and using my root password. Can this be done ? Any pointers ? I am
running RHL5.1 with kernel 2.2.5 on the server.

Vriendelijke Groeten / Kind Regards,

Alexander van Luijpen

Philips Semiconductors Nederland
Test and Product Engineering
MOS4YOU - C075 OTP / Consumer Systems Nijmegen - BL Video

email: email:
tel: (+31)-24-353 4639 tel:
(+31)-24-378 9475

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