Re: General user list over network

Tim Fletcher (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 10:43:31 +0100 (GMT)

> At home I am running a small network which is becoming a bit bigger.
> Although my initial intend was one or two linux machine with several win95
> clients, I am now seeing more linux machines on the network. I have
> dedicated my one machine as a mail/file/etc server. I want to be able to
> allow other linux machine to be able to use the same user and password lists
> as my machine, and mount home drives over NFS. I guess I will need something
> like YPBIND , but I am - as of yet - not familiar with setting this up on
> the server or on the clients. I want the owners of the other machines to
> still be able to access the root account on their own machines without them
> knowing and using my root password. Can this be done ? Any pointers ? I am
> running RHL5.1 with kernel 2.2.5 on the server.

I run ypbind on a small network, with RH it is very easy to setup, use
linuxconf to set the yp domainname and server (as its self) on the server,
cd /var/yp, type make, and start ypserv. Then try to ypbind to the server
from its self. You can test yp by using ypcat passwd.

Any other questions drop me a line.


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