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Wed, 21 Apr 1999 09:14:13 -0400 (EDT)

Siddharth Srivastava enscribed thusly:

> i have a problem here, the question mey not pertain to the list directly,
> but who else do i turn to....

> I have to generate mouse clicks, without clicking on the an
> Xwindows environ.(i an working on linux...).That is , the code is supposed
> to do some gesture recogonition and then generate a mouse click, depending
> on the users guestures.How(is it possible) to override the mouse interface
> and make my code generatr mouse event to the kernel...

> can people also direct me to an appropriate mailing list....

Examine the sources to imwheel. It basically has to do the same
thing. It takes operations (4th and 5th mouse button clicks) and translates
them into other actions based using the XTest functions. You can try looking
for it up at

On a similar note, I'm looking for drivers or information for
getting more than 5 buttons to work. I've got a Logitech WheelMan + that
has 4 buttons PLUS the wheel for a third axis. The third axis normally
translates to two more mouse buttons. There's one out now with two scroll
wheels, although I don't know if the second wheel also has a "press button"
like the first wheel. If it does, that makes 5 buttons and 4 axis, with
the second two axis translated possibly translated into two additional
buttons (scroll up/down, scroll left/right) each for a total of 9. Still
not up to what a digitizer table can generate, but getting there.

On top of that, I've got another neat toy. I've got one of these
X10 wireless MouseRemotes. It's got a PS/2 wireless mouse, an IR universal
remote control, and a BSR-X10 wireless controller all in one universal
control. The receiver is radio based (the IR is just for Sterios and TV's
AFAIK). It works like a champ for mouse movements, but I want to use some
of the other buttons to do other functions. There's a BSD driver out
on the net, but I haven't found anything out there for Linux. What I'm
trying to do is get some presentation functions and menu functions mapped
out to the wireless keypad, like page-up, page-down, goto-page (with number),
etc, etc, etc.

I would try to adapt the imwheel program, but I don't thing all the
functions are going to come through the mouse event channel properly
(otherwise I could get a 6th mouse button working, right?). Worst case
would be a hack to the PS/2 driver to divert those additional functions
to yet another misc device... I'm contemplating that now...

BTW... I've had my MouseRemote for over a year now and use it at
show presentations - those who attented my cryptography talk at the Atlanta
Linux Showcase last year might remember it. The dudes at have these
on sale for $25 right now with free shipping... It's cheaper than most
"universal controllers" and way WAY cheaper than most wireless mice (and the
IR wireless mice suck wind from my personal experience).

> Thank you for your time, and apologies if i have put the question on the
> wrong list.


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