Re: encrypted ftp session

Werner Koch (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 09:46:40 +0200

Pierluigi Checchi <> writes:

> What's kind of ftp-daemon you use to encrypt the ftp traffic ?
> I know ssl-ftpd, but it seems that no clients for win32 are available ....

Consider to use SSH for such thinks. IIRC there is a proposal for a
FTP subsystem of SSH 2 and some prototype implementation of it. It
should be possible to tweak PUTTY to allow file copy on Windoze if you
want tu use a free SSH implementation for Windoze; if you don't care
you can use some FSecure product or TerraTerm.

By the way, the combination ssh and rsync makes up a great tool for
transferring data in a secure and efficient manner.

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