Traffic shaper problems

Sergey Radochin (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 11:48:04 +0300

Good day !

Could someone help me with such problem:

I have 2.3.6 kernel with shaper configured as module, shapeconfig is
I do the following:

shapecfg attach shaper0 eth0
shapecfg speed shaper0 64000

ifconfig shaper0 <eth0 address> netmask <eth0 mask> broadcast <eth0
bcast> up
route add -host <hostA in eth0 subnet> dev shaper0

ping hostA doesn't show any response, but when I'm looking at the
trafshow output at hostA I can see echorequests from my shaped host.

What's wrong ?

Good bye.
Sergey Radochin.
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