Re: device address nonexistant?

Sergey Radochin (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 12:19:26 +0300

Denis Voitenko wrote:

> I run used to run a RHL 5.2. Because I have both an Eithernet card and a
> modem in the box I need to run route add ppp0 default after the PPP
> connection is established. Yesterday I upgraded to 6.0 and now the command
> does not work. It gives me the "device address does not exist" or some
> message of the kind. I see the lo, eth0 and ppp0 when I do ifconfig. What
> could be wrong? How do I fix it?

Try to set option 'defaultroute' for pppd at that line (It might be in

Good bye.
Sergey Radochin.
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