redhat 6.0 nfs problem

Daryl Williams (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 15:22:31 -0700


i have recently installed redhat 6.0 and am having trouble
mouting a linux (redhat 6.0) nfs export from a solaris 2.5.1
system. i can mount an exported nfs filesystem from a red
hat 5.2 system however.

when i try the mount from the sun, the rh6.0 server logs the
following error:

kernel: svc: unknown version (3)

now, if i issue the mount command from the sun with the
-o vers=2 option, the mount succeeds although the
rh6.0 server complains that:

kernel: svc: unknown program 100227 (me 100003)

i am trying to find a way for the mount to succeed without
having to specify the version to use. i have alot of suns
that will need to mount the filesystem in question.

your help is greatly appreciated. pointers, rtfms, etc. are
welcomed. i have red the nfs-howto.



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