ipchains question

Hugo Bouckaert (yjs@kpmg.com.my)
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:06:41 +0800

I'm trying to setup a private network (10.166.166.x, subnet
sitting behind a Linux machine acting as a router. The external LAN is
10.187.3.x subnet I have 2 NICs on the Linux machine, eth0
and eth1. eth0 (linked to the external LAN) has been configured to have 2 IP
addresses ( and I want the 2nd IP address to map
directly to a computer in the private network (IP The first
IP address should map to all other computers in the private network.
Incidentally, eth1 has an IP of

My question is how do I use ipchains to do this?

I would like to have the following scenario -> Whenever I use a machine on
the external LAN and launch Netscape or IE...and I type in (the
2nd IP of eth0), I should see the web site sitting on

Am I barking up the wrong tree with ipchains??

Currently I can ping from a machine on the private network to a machine in
the external LAN. I can't do the same from outside (i.e. use a machine in
external LAN to ping a machine in the private LAN) because the router in the
external LAN does not recognise 10.166.166.x. Plus, I don't have control
over the configuration of the router. That's why I need the 2nd IP of eth0
( to route directly to a machine in the private network. I want
to set up my own web server.

Hope this isn't too confusing...

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