Hooking two notebooks without ethernet

Henrique Pantarotto (scanner@cepa.com.br)
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 10:05:16 -0300

Hello Linux friends!

I have a school project where we need to talk about live video-conference,
so I was thinking of getting two notebooks, each one with a webcam, and
make everyone happy.

So I was thinking of using a notebook with LINUX and another with WINDOWS 98.

So I need to create a very-small TCP/IP private LAN with only two
computers. I am already familiar with ethernet networking.

BUT.. they won't come with PCMCIA ethernet cards. Sure I can just buy
them, but I was thinking.. is there another way of hooking these two computers?

Something like a DTE-DTE serial cable, parallel cable, telephone lines and
regular modens?? Would this work with LINUX x WINDOWS, or LINUX x LINUX or


Henrique Pantarotto
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Sao Paulo - Brasil
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