problem with IP-forwarding

Alex Guryanow (
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 00:46:15 +0400

I have the server with 2 Ethernet adapters SMC Ultra. One card is
attached to the internet with twisted pair, the another with BNC to
local segment . The kernel is compiled with enabled IP_FORWARDING, the
file /etc/sysconfig/network contains the line FORWARD_IPV4="yes".
Problem: the internal hosts do not see the rest world - when I truing to
ping external host from internal box I receive "No response from remote
host" . But I can ping any host (any external and any internal) from the
server. The operating system on server is RedHat 5.1, kernel 2.0.34 with
standard drivers for NIC's. With the kernel 2.0.37 the problem still
persists. If I attach to the first card another local segment with BNC,
the computers from one segment can reach the computers from another. Can
anybody help me to solve this problem or say what tools should I use, to
specify the reason?

with best regards,

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