Re: pppd / modem disconnect

Ray Olszewski (
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 23:07:41 -0700

At 07:25 AM 6/20/99 +0200, Marc Owen wrote [in part]:

>PAP is ok, and I tried a lot of chat-scripts meself, including scripts that
>waited until the first '}' from ppp on the serverside came thru. pppd (or
>the modem) disconnects me when the serverside starts ppp.
>My serial line is
>8 bit clean; my modem works fine. I re-installed ppp, reconfigured the
>kernel, updated modules,... nothing worked.

That's not what the log shows. It shows that you don't get disconnected
until about 40 seconds **after** ppp is established. This suggests a failed
LCP negotiation, but those messages aren't logged in the "messages" log. Run
pppd with "debug" and "kdebug 0" set, and check the "debug" log for LCP info.

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