Re: pppd / modem disconnect

Marc Owen (
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 02:16:36 +0200

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Date: Sun 20 june 1999 7:50
Subject: Re: pppd / modem disconnect

>Just a question, Mark: you are not actually using a login: and password:,
>you? If your ISP's are using PAP, you need a pap-secrets file, and nothing
>your login script past the CONNECT send keyword.

I tried everything, PAP, CHAP, that MS-thinggy, self-made login-scripts.
Nothing works; but I do think Clifford Kite got a point saying that there is
some IRQ misconfiguration: I'm gonna check that out first (I never thought
of it, because it works, that is, it 'dials' :) ). My login-failures took
like 5 min. before something happens (disconnection), while normally my
connection is made in smt like 15 seconds (other operating system).

Btw, my PAP (& CHAP, just in case :) ) are ok, all fields have entries.

>Had to ask ; )
>What do you have in your pap-secrets file? Do you have entries in all four

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