Driver for SMC 1208T card

Mon, 21 Jun 1999 12:51:29 GMT2

Can someone please help me with the following:
I have an SMC 1208T card in a pentium II computer that uses the
2.0.35 linux kernel. It seems that the kernel does not support my
network card. I've even tried to uncomment the following lines in the
file /etc/rc.d/rc.modules: #/sbin/modprobe ne io = 0x300
#/sbin/modprobe ne io = 0x280
#/sbin/modprobe ne io = 0x320
#/sbin/modprobe ne io = 0x340
#/sbin/modprobe ne io = 0x360
#/sbin/modprobe smc9194
#/sbin/modprobe tulip.

Thanks in advance


Godfree Gert
Department of Medical Physics
University of the Orange Free State
P O Box 339
Tel: +27 51 4053158
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