pppd disconnect

Marc Owen (mowen@gmx.net)
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 03:15:56 +0200

My problem (pppd disconnection) is solved; my linux (slackware 3.6)
auto-probed the IRQ on 'irq 4', when it actually was on 'irq 10'; I never
suspected THAT because it still dialed and logged in... (but with a lot of
delay). It appears that my modem (Wisecom 33.6 ws-3314JS3: quite standard)
and my bios played a little plug-and-play - game. Obviously, my modem liked
irq 10 more than irq 4, and my bios still expected it at irq 4.

Thanks to everybody who helped me! If you need some help... mm... well... I
can try... :)

(If anyone cares:)
I checked the free irq's in my bios and probed them with setserial by doing
an 'echo "atdt99999" > /dev/ttyS2' after changing irq's, irq 10 reacted
immediately (instead of 40 secs with the wrong irq). I tested it with irq 10
and it worked.


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