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Marc Owen (yjs@kpmg.com.my)
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 09:40:40 +0800

My private side: 10.166.166.x/
My LAN side: 10.187.x.x/

I can ping from:
client (private) to client (LAN)
client (private) to server (LAN)
linux firewall to client (LAN) and server (LAN)
linux firewall to client (private)

The problem is this:
I do not have control over the router in the LAN side. So any packets going
to 10.166.166.x from the LAN side will be ignored by the router. This is
fine. However, I have eth0 on the Linux firewall configured with 2 IP
addresses - and The first IP acts as the gateway to
the LAN side so all clients on the private-side will use as the
default gateway. What I want is for the 2nd IP to channel packets directly
to an IP in the private side (specifically I can't seem to do

To put it in graphical terms.

Private-side Linux firewall LAN side
Client(#)-----------(&) (*)------($)

(#) = Client's NIC. IP =
(&) = eth1. IP =
(*) = eth0. IP = and
($) = a RJ-45 socket in the wall.

I require a client on the LAN side to open a HTTP connection to
Linux should forward the packets received via specifically to ONLY. will never use is
for all other machines on the private-side OTHER than

Any help??

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