SOLUTION to Network connectivity loss w/ RHL 6.0 on USENET News

Lance A. Brown (
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 13:53:04 -0400

Back on May 7th I posted about a very annoying problem I was having with my
news server loosing network connectivity randomly. All tcp ports would
disappear except for lpd and then come back some time later. Nothing in the
logs indicated any problems.

It turns out the root cause of this problem was duplicate IP Address

The IP assigned to the news server had once been assigned to a printer. This
printer had been offline for several months because it was broken and waiting
for parts, but no one had wiped its configuration when its IP was recycled
and assigned to another device, my news server.

Everything ran fine until someone reconnected the still broken printer to the
network..... This printer then started sending arp reply packets whenever
someone arp'ed for the news server's MAC address. Whichever device replied
last got its MAC in the arp cache which is what caused the tcp services on
the news server to apparently disappear and reappear.

We never got an IP Address conflict on the server because no TCP/IP traffic
was ever sent to the broken printer because everyone knew it was broken and
its queues had been turned off. The news server never saw TCP/IP traffic
with its IP address and the wrong MAC because our network is heavily
switched; the traffic just never got presented to it when the wrong MAC was
in everyone else's arp caches.

So this printer just sat there doing nothing except sending arp replies for my news server's IP address and thereby causing havoc.

I never even considered this possibility until I noticed the wrong MAC address in the arp cache entry for the news server in my workstation's arp cache. Then everything clicked and a quick tcpdump revealed the culprit.


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