Re: Q : fax server

Denis Voitenko (
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 14:53:36 -0400

> The main awkward bit with treating a fax modem as a printer is
> specifying the recipient's phone number.

That is not a problem. There is a contrib module that allows you do just
that. I used it once -- the tecnique is quite nice. You configure samba to
see a fax as a printer and install a PostScript driver on a Win on any other
machine. Then you put the line like:

FAX_NR: <whateverfaxnumber> as the first line of the text and print it to
the printer. The contrib module pics it up and faxes it no problem.

On the other hand I have come up with a better approach that would require
some programming. Instead of Samba you install eFax and then create an alias
in your mailer like which would forward it to a perl
script (in my case) which pics up the number from the Subject line.

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