Re: Q : fax server

Glynn Clements (
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 10:51:23 +0200 (GMT--1:00)

Denis Voitenko wrote:

> > The main awkward bit with treating a fax modem as a printer is
> > specifying the recipient's phone number.
> That is not a problem. There is a contrib module that allows you do just
> that. I used it once -- the tecnique is quite nice. You configure samba to
> see a fax as a printer and install a PostScript driver on a Win on any other
> machine. Then you put the line like:
> FAX_NR: <whateverfaxnumber> as the first line of the text and print it to
> the printer. The contrib module pics it up and faxes it no problem.

This relies upon:

a) The text ending up unchanged in the resulting PostScript. There are
no guarantees that this will be the case.

b) Being able to insert the text in the first place. What if you are
printing an image from e.g. PhotoShop?

Glynn Clements <>

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