nfs locking problems under Redhat 6.0/ 2.2.11..

Luke Miller (
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 21:46:53 -0700

I am using Redhat 6.0 with kernel version 2.2.11 with the knfsd-1.2.2-4
RPM installed and the knfs server compiled in to the kernel. My goal is
to have this linux system server nfs for some other systems (mainly linux
and a Sunos and netbsd machine in the transition, however linux is the
most important). It has been working fairly good with the execption of nfs

I want to nfs mount a mail spool directory as part of this. The client I
am using is also another linux system, Redhat 6.0 running the default
2.2.5-15 kernel and with the knfsd-clients-1.2.2-4 RPM installed. I
mount the mail spool and try to check mail with mh and get the following:

spock 133> inc
inc: unable to lock and fopen /var/spool/mail/millerlu

using pine I get:
[Can't open inbox (file /var/spool/mail/millerlu): not in valid mailbox format]

using elm I get:
spock 135> elm
Cannot flock folder "/var/spool/mail/millerlu"! [No locks available]

So, it is pretty clear there is a locking issue here.

Another thing I tried was to apply the following patches to a 2.2.11

And compile and install the knfsd-1.4.7 user programs and try doing nfs
servering with that with the same resaults.

Any ideas would be greatly apprecated.



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