Setting Up a Dial-Out System

Michael Stearne (
Fri, 03 Sep 1999 01:29:44 -0400

There is a product for windows called Midpoint Gateway. What it does is
take a computer with 2 modems,2 seperate phone lines, and 1 NIC and
share an Internet connection with a LAN. I realize the second part is
done with IP Masquerading, but I am wondering about the first part,
dealing with the modems. What it does is setup two dialup connections
to an ISP and then (I guess) share the TCP/IP stack between them (or
vise versa) creating a connection that is 128K (assuming 2 56K modems).
The question is: is this possible on Linux (of course, but how)? I
would assume ppp0 and ppp1 are created, one for each modem, but then how
are those connections "combined". After that, the IP Masquerading would
handle sharing it with the rest of the CPUs on the LAN.

Any thoughts?
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