RE: mount appleshare
Fri, 3 Sep 1999 11:12:48 +0200 (CEST)


> Yes, it is possible. Linux has most protocols like IPX and AppleTalk
> built into the kernel. For more info goto
> to grabbed the information needed.

This is true, I already have installed a AppleShare Server with linux.

> Firstly yiu need to setup Samba or NFS on the Linux server and enable
> the AppleTalk protocol so that your APPLE machine could see the Linux
> server and shared resources.

What does samba or nfs have to do with appleshare?
The Linux-Server is already seen from the Apple/Mac. I want it vice versa.

> I personally prefer Samba over NFS as Samba is GNU and reliable.

What is samba over NFS? IMHO samba and NFS are both network-file-systems.

> For more information on SAMBA, goto

In the meantime I have found a tool which makes it possible to mount
a shared folder from a remote apple macintosh under linux, but
the software is too old and does not compile. It is called afpfs.
Perhaps does someone know where to find the newest version?

> Good luck!


> > Hi,
> >
> > is it possible to mount a shared folder of an apple macintosh?
> > Or is there any tool wich makes it possible to access files on
> > a appleshare perhaps like ftp?
> >


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