Apache Setup

Gaurav Agarwal (gauravag@nde.vsnl.net.in)
Fri, 3 Sep 1999 21:39:55 +0530

i was trying to configure my apache 1.3 running in red hat linux 6, in order
to enable virtual server.I have only 1 IP address and want to run 2
web-sites say www.domain.com and www.otherdomain.com for that, i read the
apache documentation, and it suggested editing the httpd.conf file so as to
add the following :
ServerName testing.com
Name virtualHost
DocumentRoot /home/httpd/domain
ServerName www.domain.com
DocumentRoot /home/httpd/otherdomain
ServerName www.otherdomain.com
But it doesn't work, on entering www.domain.com or www.otherdomain.com in my
browser (The ip address is okay, coz on entering the ip address in the
browser, i get the testing.com site...
Also, i haven't touched the other entries in the httpd.conf file...
Please help me,
Thanks a million ...
Gaurav Agarwal

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