3COM Cyclone probleme

Jean-Marc Strauss (jms97@club-internet.fr)
Sat, 04 Sep 1999 13:34:38 +0200

Hello linux users.

First a brief introduction.
I am using without problem linux since 3 years and very happy.
Last year, i built a private network ( stuff) with
ipmasquerad enabling on my slackware gateway to internet via ppp.
All was working nice after some howto readings.

My config :
Gateway P100 with slackware kernel 2.0.35 and 3COM 3c905B card
Internal station : PII350 running suse 5.3 kernel 2.0.35 with same
network card

I am using a 3COM hub (rj45 connected).

Last week i unfortunatly upgrade my suse config to 6.2 kernel 2.2.10.

Now i cannot ping bitween my two stations.
I have verified the ifconfig stuff, the routing table are correct.
When pinging from stattion a, tcpdump shows me arp traffic without
respond but this arp traffic is not seen on the other station. The same
if ping is done on the second machine.

I was using the standard configured kernel of the distrib.
I built a new kernel with 3COM support, boomerang driver support and put
the driver in kernel (eleminating possible problem with module). Without

When using module, starting the computer with suse, i can see on the hub
the two green spot , when the module is loaded the coresponding link go
During ping, there is some small flashes on the hub (arp traffic?).

I tried changing the cable without any success.
Is there a problem on my hub!

The suse dstrib use the 0.99L driver of donald becker.
My old slackware but robust is using 0.99E.
I don't know what version was using the suse 5.3 distrib.

I am very annoying and hope receive some advice.

Thank in advance.

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