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Hi there,

Basically I have had the same problem too! What I did to solve the
problem was;

insmod <network card module>
ifconfig eth0 ip_addr netmask up
route add -net ip_addr_of_subnet eth0
route add default gw ip_addr eth0

and I restart my firewall/masquerading and then it works!

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> Subject: 3COM Cyclone probleme
> Hello linux users.
> First a brief introduction.
> I am using without problem linux since 3 years and very happy.
> Last year, i built a private network ( stuff) with
> ipmasquerad enabling on my slackware gateway to internet via ppp.
> All was working nice after some howto readings.
> My config :
> Gateway P100 with slackware kernel 2.0.35 and 3COM 3c905B card
> Internal station : PII350 running suse 5.3 kernel 2.0.35 with same
> network card
> I am using a 3COM hub (rj45 connected).
> Last week i unfortunatly upgrade my suse config to 6.2 kernel
> Now i cannot ping bitween my two stations.
> I have verified the ifconfig stuff, the routing table are correct.
> When pinging from stattion a, tcpdump shows me arp traffic without
> respond but this arp traffic is not seen on the other station. The
> if ping is done on the second machine.
> I was using the standard configured kernel of the distrib.
> I built a new kernel with 3COM support, boomerang driver support and
> the driver in kernel (eleminating possible problem with module).
> success.
> When using module, starting the computer with suse, i can see on the
> the two green spot , when the module is loaded the coresponding link
> down.
> During ping, there is some small flashes on the hub (arp traffic?).
> I tried changing the cable without any success.
> Is there a problem on my hub!
> The suse dstrib use the 0.99L driver of donald becker.
> My old slackware but robust is using 0.99E.
> I don't know what version was using the suse 5.3 distrib.
> I am very annoying and hope receive some advice.
> Thank in advance.
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