Re: port/ip redirection again

Paul Rusty Russell (
Mon, 06 Sep 1999 05:34:47 +0930

In message <004d01bef659$1d96d8e0$> you write:
> This question has been asked here a ton of times and never got a good answer
> so I will ask again. What is the way to redirect ports with ipchains? I am
> aware that there is a package on Debian besides ipchains that does that. But
> I want to do it with ipchains. I am starting to read the manual today, but I
> hope to get an answer before I am done with it.

``What is the way to stick two things together using chalkdust? I
am aware that there is stuff called glue which that does that. But
I want to do it with chalkdust.''

ipchains can `redirect' packets going elsewhere to the local machine
(simple routing override). It cannot do anything more complex. You
really do want ipmasqadm.

The ipchains author,

Hacking time.
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