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Juanjo Ciarlante (
Mon, 6 Sep 1999 09:41:18 -0300

On Fri, Sep 03, 1999 at 09:40:42PM +0100, Tim Fletcher wrote:
> > I would like to forward X sessions (XDMCP and DISPLAY stuff) across my
> > firewall machine, which is masquerading a bunch of internal machines with
> > 2.2.x kernel.
> >
> > ssh does the job transparently, and it's great. However, for the external
> > servers without ssh, I am wondering how to re-route X to specific
> > machines. If I use rinetd to route all 5999-600x ports for X, it will have
> > to be to a specific machine - and this is not what I want.
> >
> > Of couse if I
> >
> > remote> export
> >
> > on the remote host, then the display is sent to the firewall machine and
> > not to the internal host that initiated the connection.
> >
> > Any insight would be appreciated, and thanks,
> Look into ipautofw, can forward a number of ports to a machine in response
> to particular types of traffic to certain ports.
I'd recommend "portfw" (or even "mfw" which forwards based on firewall
marks), both present in stock 2.2.
The activation tool, "ipmasqadm" can be fetched from:

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