POP3 for linux 5.1

Tue, 7 Sep 1999 15:35:01 +0430 (IRST)


I have installed linux 5.1 wich does not have POP3 server in it's RPMs .
Now I need a POP3 server that does not need additional POP3 accounts.
I.e I want ordinary users be able to reach their mail by POP3.

Where can I obtain pop3d for linux and how can I configure it ?
Is there some document anywhere ? ( Not that kind of POP3 that needs
additional POP3 accounts ).

Thanks , Sarmadys

Siamak Sarmady (sarmadys@sanat.shirazu.ac.ir)
P.O.Box 1625,Science College,Shiraz,Iran.

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