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Michael H. Warfield (
Tue, 7 Sep 1999 11:18:54 -0400 (EDT) enscribed thusly:
> Hi

> I have installed linux 5.1 wich does not have POP3 server in it's RPMs .
> Now I need a POP3 server that does not need additional POP3 accounts.
> I.e I want ordinary users be able to reach their mail by POP3.

I'll assume that you really mean RedHat 5.1 and not Linux 5.1.
If it's not RedHat, then what? You really don't want to be using
RedHat 5.1, especially with POP (which is in there - you just haven't
found it) or IMAP. Both of them had serious security holes on RedHat 5.1!
Get the latest version (5.2 if you want to stay with the 5.x series or
6.0 if you want the latest) and then upgrade with the latest update RPMs
on top of all that. Trying to take 5.1 and patch it with all of the 5.1
updates and then all of the 5.2 updates is not a good idea.

In any case... The pop daemon is in with the imap package. Go
to your ../cdrom/RedHat/RPMS directory and type "rpm -qlp imap*" and
you'll see it in there.

I REPEAT! Do NOT use the imap or pop servers from RedHat 5.1. They
are seriously broken and dangerous. They have well know remote root exploits!
Script kiddies are actively scanning the Internet looking specifically for
these servers from that distribution. If they find you, you are toast!

> Where can I obtain pop3d for linux and how can I configure it ?
> Is there some document anywhere ? ( Not that kind of POP3 that needs
> additional POP3 accounts ).
> Thanks , Sarmadys
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> P.O.Box 1625,Science College,Shiraz,Iran.
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