POP3 and big messages

Javier Kohan (jkohan@adan.fceia.unr.edu.ar)
Tue, 7 Sep 1999 12:45:39 -0300

Having trouble with POP3. with messages larger than about 700K, the download
seems to freeze.
I tried Pegasus, OE 4, OE5, with qpopper and kernel 2.0.x and cucipop with
kernels 2.2 and is the same.

Site 1:
Most of the problems are wih dialup users accesing via Ciscos 2511, but
sometimes it also happens with clients in the same LAN.

Site 2:
Clients accessing via mgetty/ppp on a linux box ( not the same as the mail
server ).

Any suggestions ?


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