VPN solution needed (linux<->win32)

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Wed, 08 Dec 1999 09:58:30 -0500


I'm looking to find a (free if possible) VPN solution for my network. I
have a linux fw (ip filters + masq) hoocked up a cable modem connection and
would like to access data on internal servers while connected elsewhere on
the net (like a friend's house, the office or simply using my dialup
account when I work on the road). Since those are untrusted networks on
which I will never get the same IP adress, I need something that is
flexible enough to accomodate this.

Most of the time, my client will be a win32 client (win9x or nt4).

I already looked at Cybernetica's Secure Socket Agent (SSA) built over a
SSL connection which is free for home and educational purposes but don't
know about the technology is good or if any of you have a better solution
or experience.


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