Tlan + MP
Thu, 9 Dec 1999 10:42:39 +0100

Hi, I have a problem, on my machine a dual ppro. I have a tlan nic connected
to a 100Mbs
hub, (not switched) and the problem is that if you put some load on the nic
it will bring the nic down, itīs not a hardware problem, coz it did work
with debian (kernel 2.2.10), but the driver where a earlier version that
doesnīt compile under slackware 7.

I have two theories,

1. The card autodetects that it is 100Mbs and therefore sets the duplex to
full..even though we have a non switched 100mbs hub (half duplex)..

2. The driver for the card isnīt written for MP, that will bring the nic
down on heavy load...(but it did work on a earlier driver version)
Snip from Ethernet-howto-3:
"The scary part here is that a driver not yet updated with locks for stable
MP operation will probably appear to be working in a MP machine under light
network load, but will crash the machine or at least exhibit strange
behaviour when two (or more!) processors try to do more than one of these
three tasks at the same time."

but on the other hand, the card worked very well when we where using a 10
mbs hub...

so....if you have some clues/hints for me ...PLZ :)

or if you know where I can find a newer version of the tlan driver ...

Regards Peter
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