Thu, 09 Dec 1999 11:34:00 -0500

I remember I saw someone somewhere post a message about changing the
actual vector call so that it is harder to detect stealth modules. If
anyone has any nfo on this could please let me know.

I'm brushing up on my skills and assembler, and I figured I would start
by looking on ways to break the linux kernel (in terms of security). I
used be a Dos ASM/C programmer long time ago. And now it is a little
challenging re learning asm and at a Linux level!, but it is alot of

So if you any detailed docs on that or any other aspects of the kernel
itself, ie specially the ICMP or Vector calls, protocols, etc. Keep in
mind I don't want to look at the actual c source code, I'm taking the
kernel apart peace by peace from the machine while it runs.

Thank you kindly.

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