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Fri, 10 Dec 1999 17:14:05 +0100

Hello Manoj,

Probably it is a mail relaying problem.
So you have to activate, for example the Feature(relay_hosts_only) on your
.mc file. Create /etc/ file by executing m4.
Put all your workstation IP addresses on /etc/mail/relay-domains, or dns
names if they are declared on dns.

Reboot the PC

For more details refer to on Relaying on sendmail.
Hopping that helps,

Agim Cami

FEATURE(relay_hosts_only). Normally domains are listed in
/etc/mail/relay-domains; any hosts in those domains match. With this
feature, each host in a domain must be listed.

At 06:32 PM 12/10/99 +0530, Manoj Kumar wrote:
>I have installed Redhat Linux 5.2 in my Mail server. Here it is working
>very well and sendmail is also running quite good.
>I am running POP3 also to get access of mails through EUDORA, OUTLOOK
>EXPRESS etc. It is working in these software and i can recive mail but
>could not send mail through EUDORA, OUTLOOK EXPRESS etc. I can send mail
>USING pine or mail etc.
>Can some one tell me that why this happen so and how i can rectify this
>problem so using eudora and outlookexpress etc i can send mails and can
>recive. Is there any problem with Sendmail or POP3 etc.
>Please help and guide me.
>Thanks in advance.
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