Re: RTL8139 problems ( final summary )

Petr Sebor (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 18:18:46 +0100


I don't have bad experience with Realtek cards so far. I have been running
several 10Base2 PCI 8029 based cards and one :-) 8139 100BaseTX card
with no problems now. As I said: The cause of this was (maybe) broken BIOS
but according to the notice on Donald Becker's site the mainboard didn't
PCI burst modes... and the card went nuts... After changing the faulty board
everything started to work :-)

Well, so far I like Realtek cards :-) However, YMMV


Petr Sebor
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SCS Software [ ]

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> Hi > > Having seen this :) and my personal reply to you > > I am quite sure to tell you you have a faulty network card... Realtek isnt > the bestest of nics arround there today.... I actually had a card a few > months ago that was able to send at 100% and receive packets at 0% :) > > Cheers again > Me

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