Jose Luis Saraiva Hime (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 17:47:59 -0200

Fortunately, it worked with me without the need of executing m4 :)

You also may need to insert a line with your domain name in the file

One more thing, in /etc/mail/relay-domains, IP addresses must be
informed between a "[" and a "]".

Best regards,

At 17:14 10/12/99 +0100, Agim Cami wrote:
>Hello Manoj,
>Probably it is a mail relaying problem.
>So you have to activate, for example the Feature(relay_hosts_only) on your
>.mc file. Create /etc/ file by executing m4.
>Put all your workstation IP addresses on /etc/mail/relay-domains, or dns
>names if they are declared on dns.
>Reboot the PC
>For more details refer to on Relaying on sendmail.
>Hopping that helps,
>Agim Cami

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