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A recent news item announced the release of "Blood of the Damned", a computer game which has "a mysterious sect of bloodsuckers and baby snatchers". In another news item, Brazilian police were said to be investigating whether "Duke Nukem" induced a medical student to go on a killing spree.

One wonders what these games are teaching youngsters about their attitude towards people in the real world. I'm NOT thinking of starting a National Campaign Against Violent Computer Games (how's NACAPAGVICOMGA for an acronym) but is it too much to hope that if enough parents were to encourage their children to find better uses for the PC, the tide of violence might be stemmed?

One suitable alternative would be to give youngsters the chance to create their own sites on the World Wide Web. That is now within everyone's reach. Facilities of high quality at low cost are provided, together with free Web design tools and Internet training, at

If you like the idea, perhaps you would mention it to your friends or, better still, copy this e-mail to them.

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