Re: Load balancing

Steve Dodd (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 19:27:15 +0000

On Sun, Dec 12, 1999 at 06:38:15PM +0100, Thomas Kuehne wrote:

> 'A' ist a Linux box, which is throug a 64 k satellite link connected to
> the Internet, 'B' is another Linux box, which is throug a 128 k
> satellite link connected to the Internet. 'C' is a third Linux box,
> which is supposed to be the gateway for the LAN. How can I aggregate the
> two connections from 'A' and 'B' into one in 'C'? How do I have to
> set-up 'C', such that it does a load balancing beween 'A' and 'B'. E.g.
> if 'A' is under heavy load, automatically switches to 'B' and vice
> versa?

Is it possible to add *2* defaults on C, one pointing at A and one B, with
equal cost? If so, does will it distribute packets evenly between the two
routes? Just a thought, I don't know the answer, alas :-(

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