Re: Load balancing

Meelis Roos (
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 03:49:12 +0200

SD> Is it possible to add *2* defaults on C, one pointing at A and one B, with

Yes, that's the equal cost multipath option in 2.2 kernels.

SD> equal cost? If so, does will it distribute packets evenly between the two
SD> routes? Just a thought, I don't know the answer, alas :-(

Even if it does, he does not want to distribute the packets evenly.

The best would be adapting the weights accordingly to the real load (we
have incoming load too in addition to outgoing) - here equal cost
multipath is not enough. Maybe some advanced features are (teql with a
daemon/script that monitors real load and modifies the weights in the
kernel accordingly).

A rough solution that _may_ work (but I'm not quite sure) is to add 1
default route to 64 kbit link and _2_ to the 128 kbit and let the kernel
round-robin between these three with equal cost multipath.

Does this hack work at all?

Meelis Roos (
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