Re: sendmail -local LAN config

Glynn Clements (
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 06:08:37 +0100 (GMT--1:00)

andrew lauder wrote:

> I want to set up Redhat as a mail server for a small private LAN
> (192.168.1.x). I have several windows machines on that LAN that I want
> to have access there mail boxes via netscape communicator using POP3 and
> SMTP. For simplicity I will not be connecting to the public net.
> I have no problem with the mail setup when using pine as local logged in
> users. All users can send and read mail to and from the other local
> user accounts.
> I can get mail for any account from another node on the LAN using
> netscape and pop3.
> The problem is sending mail from another node using netscape (smtp). I
> just get a hanging when trying to send.

Sendmail is trying to perform DNS lookups, and this is causing the

Ensure that /etc/hosts contains entries for all of your boxes, unless
you have a local DNS server, in which case ensure that it has both
forward and reverse DNS entries for all of your boxes.

Glynn Clements <>

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