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Corey Johnston (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 17:13:19 +1100

Hello Jim,

I stumbled upon a message regarding your problems setting-up a Tulip-based
ethernet card in a box with a 2 other ethernet cards under Linux and decided
you because this is exactly the same setup I have on my machine and I'm
having a problem. Did you get the two cards working in Linux? I am
experiencing a problem
with my cablemodem service, which uses a SMC-branded Tulip 21041 PCI
ethernet card. The other card I have in my system is an NE2000 PCI card
which I use for
another small network. My problem is, both cards work fine in Windows98 but
in Linux, they are detected and work, but the cablemodem sporadically loses
its link connection. i.e. it works, then stops, then works etc etc. The
"link" light drops-out occasionally, but when it comes back on all is okay
til it drops-out again.
I hope you don't mind me emailing you, but I've hunted the web over and
found out numerous pieces of information regarding the Tulip card drivers
for Linux, but as my system, running Redhat 6.1 detected and setup the card,
as far as Linux is concerned, all is okay.

In reality, though, this is far from correct.

Maybe this has nothing to do at all with your news message which I found
(attached below), but maybe its some sort of conflict between the 2 cards
which is causing a problem. However, there is no hardware conflict in the
BIOS or in Windows Device Manager.

If you'd know anything of what could be the matter here, or have any general
pieces of advice of using 2 or 3 cards in the one box, I'd really
appreciate hearing from you.


Corey Johnston
Sydney, Australia

Original news item

Jim Roland (
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 11:21:54 -0600
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Okay. So what's your problem?

TAB wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have been trying to fix a problem now for over a week, with no sucess.
> I am running Redhat 5.1
> I have a need to run Linux with 3 Ethernet Cards......
> I have the following cards
> eth0 - SMC 8432 (pci) - tulip driver
> eth1 - SMC 8416 (isa) - smc-ultra driver
> eth1 - SMC 8416 (isa) - smc-ultra driver
> -
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